Archi-Draught was started in February 2012. It's a company that deals with architectural draughting. Archi-Draught is a tool that can familiarize with the untapped field of architecture to creatively talented and driven individuals who desire to be a part of history through their art. Archi-Draught is about professionalism and good quality designs. As Archi-Draught, we offer environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing designs to our clients.

Archi-Draught was created as a platform to inform, uplift and advertise the dimensions draughters have taken to translate the world. We focus on introducing draughting to young minds, to empower them and to encourage them about steps towards a successful and technical future.

Archi-Draught is all about championing the youth through education and experience. As a company, Archi-Draught plans on reaching out to schools all over Gauteng.

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