House Plans

House Plans consist of the following divisions namely:

  • Plans/Floor plans: A floor plan is an Architectural line drawing that indicates rooms in a house on a ground level at a birds eye view.
  • Elevations: Elevations are architectural drawings that show the results of how a home will look from various angles.
  • Sections: Section is an architectural drawing showing a section of a house that has been cut to show in detail.
  • Site plan: A site plan is a blueprint for the location of a building on a piece of land.

Building designs

Our building design services are as follows:

  • Renovations: The process of making new, restoring of materials in and out of a building to its almost new state.
  • Demolishings: The breaking down or destroying of a building to specifications, to suit the purpose of building a fresh.

Construction work

House Plans consist of the following divisions namely:

  • Construction Team: Archi-Draught will provide a team of construction workers to assemble any construction activity taking place.

Professional Valuer

We pride ourselves in expiditing clinical value estimates for the project costs / purchasing, making sure we keep projects close to projected budgets.

Quantity Surveyor

Quantity surveying is the cost and financial specialist in a construction process. The work is varied, but mainly comprises the following:

  • Estimating the cost of and assisting with determining the feasibility of projects
  • Preparing documentation for competitive tendering
  • Tendering and negotiating for contracts
  • Managing and exercising financial control over contracts to ensure cash flow and the profitability of projects
  • Controlling and managing sub-contractors and suppliers 
  • Finalising financial aspects of contracts upon completion of projects